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Top Most Beautiful Tattoos for Women 2016 Best Sexy Tattoos

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To start sovetuem to read the article whether the girl to do the tattoo?
Beautiful tattoos on body of girls is regarded in different ways, but one does not get tired to admire. A tattoo on the body has long been no surprise, because the tattoo looks very elegant on the beautiful female body. Sometimes tattoo is applied to attract good luck (tattoo having mythical properties that can change life) or just to make someone jealous.
Beautiful tattoo for girls
Choosing a tattoo responsible and serious point, because to fix a tattoo is impossible. With the selected tattoo, you will have to live the rest of your life, think about how it will look in a couple of decades. Often, the more time spent on the choice, the less you have to regret it later. When choosing a picture, don’t forget about its importance. Below are the most popular tattoos and their meaning.
Butterfly, this tattoo men applied very rarely. It symbolizes the transition to a new life, beauty and freedom. Cause tie more often on the shoulder or the lower back.
The cat is a symbol of beauty, elegance and independence. Put on the ankle or shoulder.
The tiger symbolizes the determination, aggression, bravery. In China, a tattoo of a tiger considered a protection against evil forces. Put on the ankle or shoulder.
Tattoo for girls
Tattoo the dragon is a symbol of power, wisdom, courage, bravery and loyalty. Dragon combines two creatures – the snake and the bird, it is the fusion of good and evil. And the image of the intertwining of two serpents – a Yin and Yang, man and woman. Applied to the back or shoulder. Common tattoo among women and men.
Scorpio is the symbol of attractiveness and beauty. These creatures are able to kill and heal. Applied to the shoulder or leg. The tattoo not only women often found among men.
Snake on the body – a sign of intuitiveness and wisdom. Tattoo exclusively for women. Applied to the ankle, arm or shoulder.
The Panther is a symbol of ferocity, aggression, ruthlessness. But at the same time it emphasizes the delicacy, elegance and gracefulness. Applied to the chest, back, arms and shoulders.
For girls, developed a lot of different tattoos, from simple basic patterns to complex compositions depicting mythological creatures. The main difference between female tattoos from men is elegance, brightness and variety of color palettes, feminine tattoo.

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