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Lower Back Female Tattoo Designs

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How to draw a Flower Japanese Tattoo Style! by thebrokenpuppet

Hey People, this is a tutorial for how to draw a peony flower in the Oriental tattoo style, there great for adding to designs or on there own. Fairly simple once you know how so watch, enjoy and in no time you will be drawing peonies.

50 Colorful Japanese Geisha Tattoo Meaning and Designs

50 Colorful Japanese Geisha Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Japanese Tattoo Designs Half Sleeve for Men

Here in this video clip you can watch the latest Japanese Tattoo Designs Half Sleeve for Men and boys also, we are trying to collecting the best and the latest tattoos design for our subscribers so please subscribe our channel for more videos.

Traditional Japanese tattoo – Tebori irezumi artist Horimyo at work in his studio

Video portrait of artist Horimyo in his studio in Saitama, Japan 2012. Horimyo is one of only a few practitioners of the traditional Japanese tebori tattooing technique who works solely by hand throughout all stages of the process, completely rejecting mechanical methods. He is dedicated to ensuring the spirit, technique and future of tebori remains […]

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90 Japanese Dragon Tattoos For Men

90 Japanese Dragon Tattoos For Men


Plese Subscribe Our Chanel Watch More Video: Most women that have several tattoos on their bodies have at least one floral tattoo. Each flower has its own meaning. Golden daisy, for example, is a symbol of perfection, but at the same time it’s also a flower of death in the Japanese culture. A flower […]