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40 Best Skull Tattoo Designs

40 Best Skull Tattoo Designs

How to draw a Maori/Samoan style calf tattoo design

First I sketched out a basic half shape of the calf and added a few nice flowing curles, Maori inspired koru curves. Then some Samoan and Polynesian patterns were drawn inside the curves and finally I traced the full sketch with a black marker and fineliner. Once the tattoo is finished, I scan the design […]

Maori – Polynesian – Hawaiian Tribal Style Tattoo Designs 3

Drawn in Coreldraw

Sexy Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs | Beautiful Tiger Tattoo Ideas

Tiger tattoo designs Tiger tattoo – is an animal tattoo idea which with its popularity not cede to lion tattoo trend. Tiger tattoo idea is one of the popular tattoo trends in the world and tiger tattoo with its meaning and designing belongs to men tattoo designs. Tiger tattoo meaning conveys with its aggression, wildness […]

Leo Tattoos – Zodiac Lion Designs

2012 should be a banner year for you, Leo. On January 1, the Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries and Mercury will be in Sagittarius. This forms a Grand Fire Trine in your chart, so you have an advantage that other signs don’t have. You’re feeling inspired, doing your best to reach your most cherished goals, […]

50 Colorful Japanese Geisha Tattoo Meaning and Designs

50 Colorful Japanese Geisha Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Hand Tattoos For Men | Hand Tattoos For Women

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