Thursday, July 18, 2019

Egyptian Tattoss Designs | Mysterious Egyptian Mythology Tattoos

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Egyptian tattoo designs

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Ancient Egypt is one of the most fascinating culture of the world and one the cradles of tattoo culture as well.

With its secrets, impressive and luxurious relics, no wonder that so many Egyptian Mythology tattoos are made! The pyramids are both an exotic and esoteric backgrounds, and Egyptian gods are making badass tattoos, both for women and men. Indeed, Egyptian goddesses are proud dedicated mothers, wives and daughters and they are all as sensual and refined as combative, and as skilled in war as in magic spells… Powerful symbols of felinity!

Isis is the strongest and seducive magician among the gods, and a coveted tattoo design. Yes, it is her, wings wide spread, under the breasts of Rihanna. She is the daughter of Ra, god of the sun, a popular one in a country world-renown for its warm weather. Isis is also the wife of Osiris, the first pharaoh : as pharaohs and their queens were considered as gods too. With their animal heads and royal headpieces, Egyptian gods are at the same time badass, elegant and mysterious: perfect for tattoos and to start a good conversation with tattooed strangers!

A souvenir of a trip to Egypt, a tribute to TV serieStargate or a genuine fascination for this incredibly wealthy culture, there are so many reasons to get Egyptian Mythology tattoos… Needing inspiration?




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