Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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The Eastern Polynesian people including the Maori, used traditional methods and implements throughout the islands. . The markings or tattoos were used to show prestige or standing in the community. A person without marking was considered a lower class than those with markings. The symbolism is also accented in a rite of passage and receiving […]

50+ Best Maori Tattoo Design Ideas (Pictures) For Men (Boy) – Most Awesome Gallery + Meaning

Best Maori Tattoos Gallery for Inspiration. More Tattoos and Meaning

How to draw a Maori/Samoan style calf tattoo design

First I sketched out a basic half shape of the calf and added a few nice flowing curles, Maori inspired koru curves. Then some Samoan and Polynesian patterns were drawn inside the curves and finally I traced the full sketch with a black marker and fineliner. Once the tattoo is finished, I scan the design […]

Maori – Polynesian – Hawaiian Tribal Style Tattoo Designs 3

Drawn in Coreldraw

Polynesian Tattoo Design + Maori and Samoan styles [Speed Drawing]

Best Maori Tattoos Desing For Men | Maori Tattoos Ideas Womens

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Maori tattoo design (half sleeve) / Maori dövme modeli (Yarım kol)

Maori Bracelet Tattoo Time Lapse – Loktar Tattoo Timisoara

DISCLAIMER – some people told me that this is not Maori and that it is in fact Tatau from the Islands in the Pasific .. we, europeans did not know that .. i apologise for the missconception and i do not wish to offend anybody 🙂 please just enjoy the work and if you do […]