Wednesday, August 21, 2019

It took 180 hours to do this perfectly symmetrical full-body tattoo

French tattoo artist Lewisink spent a total of 180 hours, over the course of a year and a half, making a perfectly symmetrical full body tattoo called a “bodysuit.” He used a technique called “dotwork” to make the pattern. He told Business Insider: “This is one of the very few, if not the first, fully […]

Japan: Yakuza strip down to unveil full-body tattoos at rowdy Sanja festival

Scores of Yakuza gathered in the Tokyo ward of Taito-Ku, Saturday, showing off their impressive full-body tattoos as part of the rowdy Sanja Matsuri celebrations. Video ID: 20170520 003 Video on Demand: Contact: Twitter: Facebook:

Full Body Tattoo Borderline Diabolical

This is most probably the most insane full body tattoo and body modification there is. This man is literally covered with tattoos. Even his eyes!


Putting Tattoos All Over My Body!! This was the best experiment I have ever made! Now I want more tattoos! This was a bad idea… – SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS HERE! ▶ GET MY MERCH HERE! ▶ SUBSCRIBE TO KRISTEN HERE ▶ COUPLES BATH BOMB CHALLENGE! **EPIC** ▶ IF YOU SEE […]

Man Covers Whole Body With Tattoo

Keith Gordon certainly sticks out in a crowd. For sure, that occurs when your face and entire body is covered in tattoos. 58-year-old Gordon, an office administrator in London made the decision 5 years ago to get as much of his body inked as possible. STORY LINK: ————————————————————————- CHECK OUT OUR NEW CHANNEL iO GameTime: […]

Full Body Tattoo House Tour – CRIBS

Video filmed and edited by Jasper Thayer – Apple Certified Pro Jasper Thayer films Matt Gone giving us a tour of his apartment in December 2009. Matt Gone claims to be one of the top 10 most tattooed men in the world. Matt will say that the only areas on his body that aren’t […]

Extreme Full Body Tattoos

Cali Faces – Heather Sinn talks about being a tattoo artist while giving one of her clients a tattoo. See More Videos and Photos! Instagram: Website: Facebook: and

Full-Body Tattoo Medical Course

For Educational Use Only – Fair Use – The Doctors discuss full-body tattoos.rn